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Starts on: Jun 01, 2023 8:00 AM EDT
Vienna, Vienna, Austria
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OstLicht Camera Auction Spring 2023

We are pleased to present the camera auction on 1 June 2023 at 2pm CEST at OstLicht, Gallery for Photography in Vienna. 1991 was the birth year of the first Leica Shop worldwide, in 2001 I started the auction house WestLicht in Vienna with my team. After 34 successful auctions with numerous world record prices for cameras, I handed over the camera auctions to a concern, also in order to concentrate on the WestLicht Photo and Camera Museum, the OstLicht Photo Gallery and the OstLicht Photo Auctions. However, when I was recently offered the fantastic collection of a private connoisseur, I could not resist the temptation. Especially as this man acquired most of the pieces he collected from me over the years, always attaching great importance to perfect condition and originality. This has resulted in a collection that we are now delighted to offer in this auction. The traditional OstLicht Photo Auction will start on 2 June at 5 pm CEST. We cordially invite you to come to Vienna or to participate as a absentee bidder. Our long-time auctioneer Niki Schauerhuber and the team are looking forward to welcoming you. For further information on the photo auction, please visit
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Zeiss Ikon Contax I Type 2: SN: AU.49443Year/Baujahr: 1932Condition/Zustand: A-EnglishThe early camera in fantastic mint original and working condition, version 2 with one 'dimple', with mint nickel and very early Tessar
0001: Zeiss Ikon Contax I Type 2Est. €1,200-€1,400€600
Zeiss Ikon Contax I Type 5: SN: X.28314Year/Baujahr: c.1934Condition/Zustand: A-EnglishUncommon type 5 Contax I in beautiful mint and working condition with matching mint nickel Sonnar 2/5cm no.1525191, everready case,
0002: Zeiss Ikon Contax I Type 5Est. €1,000-€1,200€500
Zeiss Ikon Contax II Outfit: SN: F.43249Year/Baujahr: c.1937Condition/Zustand: A-EnglishMint set including perfect Contax II no. F.43249 with collapsible Sonnar 2/5cm no.2201099, cap, instructions, original maker's box,
0005: Zeiss Ikon Contax II OutfitEst. €1,200-€1,400€600
Zeiss Ikon Contax IIa Outfit: SN: Y.57742Year/Baujahr: c.1950Condition/Zustand: A-EnglishFantastic mint set including like new Contax IIa, black dial in perfect working order, case, maker's box and five mint lenses:
0006: Zeiss Ikon Contax IIa OutfitEst. €1,800-€2,200€900
Carl Zeiss f. Contax Stereotar C 3.5/35mm: SN: St 12250Year/Baujahr: c.1955Condition/Zustand: AEnglish100% mint, never used, complete stereo outfit for Contax IIa, IIIa with matching leather case.Deutsch100% neues, unbenutztes,
0007: Carl Zeiss f. Contax Stereotar C 3.5/35mmEst. €800-€1,000€400(1 bid)
Zeiss Ikon Contaflex TLR Set: SN: A.46001Year/Baujahr: 1935Condition/Zustand: B+EnglishThe camera in nice original condition with good working shutter, meter as usually out of function, Sonnar 1.5/5cm no.1753886 with very
0008: Zeiss Ikon Contaflex TLR SetEst. €2,800-€3,400€1,400
Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 2.8/18cm T: SN: 2682586Year/Baujahr: 1941Condition/Zustand: B-EnglishThis is a very special and extremely rare T coated 18cm Sonnar with original Kine Exakta mount, the war-time lens is in a very uncommon
0015: Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 2.8/18cm TEst. €1,000-€1,200€500
Nikon I + Nikkor 2/5cm: SN: 609497Year/Baujahr: 1949Condition/Zustand: B+EnglishFirst model Nikon for 24x34mm format, in very fine original condition, version with 4 polished film guide rails, original shutter (in
0016: Nikon I + Nikkor 2/5cmEst. €12,000-€14,000€6,000
Nikon M Outfit: SN: M6092486Year/Baujahr: 1950Condition/Zustand: B/AEnglish24x34mm film format, rare Nikon M without synchronisation in top condition and in perfect working order, very late serial number, back
0017: Nikon M OutfitEst. €10,000-€12,000€5,000
Nikon S Outfit: SN: 6106824Year/Baujahr: c.1955Condition/Zustand: A/BEnglishBeautiful set in near mint and perfect working order with Nikkor-S.C 1.4/50mm no.366032 with hood, cap, W-Nikkor 2.8/3.5cm no.248767
0018: Nikon S OutfitEst. €1,200-€1,400€600
Nikon S3 Chrome + Nikkor 1.1/5cm: SN: 6312963Year/Baujahr: 1961Condition/Zustand: B+EnglishS3 body in fine and perfect working condition, with mint Nikkor-N 1.1/5cm no.120689 (perfect lenses, cap).DeutschS3-Gehäuse in gutem
0019: Nikon S3 Chrome + Nikkor 1.1/5cmEst. €2,400-€2,800€1,200
Nikon F Black KS 80A: SN: 6543875Year/Baujahr: 1964Condition/Zustand: B+EnglishThis cameras were originally designed for the U.S. NAVY aircraft as an air-to-air 'scramble' camera. The special motor drive is
0022: Nikon F Black KS 80AEst. €2,400-€2,800€1,200
Nikon F Eyelevel Black Motor Outfit: SN: 7454209Year/Baujahr: 1973Condition/Zustand: A-EnglishFantastic Nikon F outfit in like new condition including Nikon F no.7454209 from the very last batch, with eyelevel finder, original
0023: Nikon F Eyelevel Black Motor OutfitEst. €1,800-€2,200€900
Nikon Fisheye-Nikkor 5.6/6mm: SN: 660077Year/Baujahr: c.1976Condition/Zustand: A-EnglishTogether with the 6mm f/2.8 lens, this is the widest of the Fisheye-Nikkor lenses, with an angle of view of 220°. It produces a
0024: Nikon Fisheye-Nikkor 5.6/6mmEst. €7,000-€8,500€3,600